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Rights and Duties

Ursula Sabisch, Empress Ursula, Ruebenkoppel 1,23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the

Protestant Church           

Luebeck/ Germany              


Wednesday, 14 January 2004

Free English translation on 30 August 2021.

Preparations for Order/ CC List

The German-language document you may find here!

My Dear Secular Dignitaries and Dignitaries female!

Today you are learning a piece of reality through this letter. You should learn through this letter* to be able to recognise what the specialist calls a schizophrenia, whereby this very specialist comes from a very special schizophrenic form due to the special form with regard to the treatment of schizophrenia and thus also intervenes accordingly.

Of course, my person had to look for answers due to many questions, but if one is really interested in something meaningful, then one will automatically ask the right questions in order to be able to come across the right answers.

Of course, my person wonders why it has become possible that, for example, the company Duncker, in Luebeck is allowed to drive for months through the whole of Luebeck with a more than questionable advertisement that really attracts attention.

The Duncker company has a religious sister dressed as a Roman Catholic on its vehicle, who is just undoing her sister's robe to show off her leg and lace for once.

I would like to congratulate you heartily on your success, you little ecumenical freaks!

You deserve an award for the reason that there is no Roman Catholic left who doesn't let the Duncker company put on this show.

There are a lot of questions and also answers that will go to your account; in particular, my person wonders how it can be possible that Roman Catholics will also dispense justice as judges without asking why, why and why this or that person has become a criminal or even a murderer, and why are there more and more people who are being dragged in front of the cadi*?

How could it happen that a Catholic was able to cut through his own roots and also subjugate himself in every possible way to the spirit of the times by not acting accordingly when it mattered?

Likewise, my person wonders how a Catholic could go into organ transplantation, get into artificial insemination or even into the abortion sphere and much more.

Even the so-called doctor of human cloning performance was probably Catholic as an Italian.

I would like to congratulate you once again; you emerged as the victor and in the end even allocated the money to the Empress by a guardian appointed by your court and assigned a judge appointed by your education and treated the Empress* so that you and your kind could continue your game, but at the same time the Empress had to fight for her health or her life many times for these reasons.

As victors from your ranks, the Federal Chancellor and the Federal President of the FRG sit at your head and, together with your comrades-in-arms, ensure laws that can only spring from the roots of people who cannot have any true relationship to our Lord and Creator, otherwise you and they would know that there will also be eternal life.

Anyone who believes in this would never allow Creation to intervene in the aforementioned way, and under no circumstances.

You, however, as Protestants, as a rule only believe in yourselves; only what is wrong with that is that you pretend to believe in eternal life.

Especially through my person, including through the environment now given, this has become quite clear through all the citizens of Luebeck.

Your form of faith is one of the lowest there is, because you pick out of the true faith what brings you and others from your circle forward; there is nothing more behind this religion* and similar religions, as is clearly evident especially in the USA and Great Britain.

A contrived play-acting that comes with a built-up self-confidence and so characterises the social behaviour of a Protestant, you can claim to increasingly emerge as the victors.

You have tried to classify my person as a schizophrenic and have thus made my life considerably more difficult, which you and other Luebeckers will certainly not have done "in vain".

I sincerely hope that I have been able to hit back at such filth with the right force and, if necessary, that this force can be increased.

Now, unfortunately, it has turned out that you of all people, as Protestants, do not react to the events like normal people, but rather like self-promoters, you have come into contact with an exaggerated opinion of yourselves.

As a rule, the Catholics are not much inferior to you in this respect; on the contrary, they are still comparatively a bit better, in every respect, including falsehood and especially cowardice.

Of course, I also wonder, for example, how it is possible nowadays for Catholics to send the children as the "Starsingers" to the door in all weathers to collect money for the starving world; however, the fact that these "children" also know about the big prize distributions, whereby the amount won would cover the amount of the entire Starsingers collections of the FRG through only one correctly given answer in a TV game show, is something that no Catholic thinks about here any more, because the reality shift has particularly affected the Catholic, which is always clearly noticeable to my person.

My person knows the process of displacement and knows from which behavioural pattern the process stems.

This behavioural pattern, which can also be manipulated by the media in particular, leads people to repress and even reverse the truth.

It is a learning process through which especially a Catholic has to go, but when he or she has learned it, then you can hide behind such a creature.

Then no one will congratulate you, especially if it is a Catholic who has come through these processes relatively harmless.

For this reason, this Catholic strongly advises you to immediately stop your truly schizophrenic actions*** by no longer blessing, baptising and marrying people.

Hopefully, my person does not have to mention the imitation of the consecration and the vestment question should also be settled by now.

The best thing for you would be to dress like a normal man leading a woman who is also normally dressed or vice versa.

My dear worldly dignitaries, you will now please immediately approach the Duncker company and have this outrageous advertising banned and stopped immediately.

Furthermore, please visit all souvenir or gift shops and jewellery shops as well as jewellers  to confiscate all crosses there; whether in the form of earrings, belt buckles, pendants, rings, brooches or piercing objects; whether made of diamonds and precious stones or decorated with gold, silver, platinum, ceramics, wood, glass, porcelain or plastic, whether displaced or clearly formed.

Please provide the distributors with a full receipt for the total value of the goods, which can be submitted with the next tax bill.

Exclusively during the Easter period, small cross-pendants will be allowed to be made available to communion children in specialist shops, whereby a cross may only be made of silver or gold without a crucifix.

Only as a communion child may the cross be worn on Sunday until* the next vintage follows, after which it will go into a jewellery box for safekeeping. (For the wedding*)

Only as a true religious sister will a woman be allowed to wear this symbol; otherwise no other woman and precisely you as a secular will now make this possible.

You will also have to have the tattoos on the fat asses and wherever the crosses will be, removed by also writing to the people including this mentioned* branch about this and preparing that my person, by the authority of this position, will ask the Bundeswehr and the federal police BGS, among other things, to have all crosses taken out of the households and shops which are misused as a Christian symbol and many other things!

All remaining tattoos, symbols and other so-called treasures will be requisitioned by the Empress's Cudgel, but these requisitions will presumably be quite painful for the person concerned, so please inform them in advance in writing!

Furthermore, you will see to it that all mirrors in Luebeck, for example in hotels, are removed from shops, doctors' surgeries, flats, lifts, amusement arcades, casinos, pubs and inns as well as from all public institutions or are beautifully decorated with window paint.

They can also be embellished by covering them with textiles or other things, spraying them with paint or simply painting them.

There are many talented young people who would make themselves available for this purpose at low cost.

Please also arrange for this to be done at the hairdresser's throughout Luebeck and the surrounding area; except for the hand mirrors, all mirrors will have to be anti-reflective.

A hand mirror or a pocket mirror is allowed for every woman.

At the same time, please ensure that the so-called "neon light" is replaced by other lamps or by daylight, be it in buses and bathrooms, in shops, libraries and schools, i. e. quite simply everywhere in Luebeck and the surrounding area.

Decent neon signs may continue to shine as before for cost reasons.

Here, too, the Empress's Cudgel will have to take over the final control and strike accordingly.

To your brothers and sisters in office, please immediately pass on the order to have abortion stopped worldwide without exception and have the word "abortion" removed from the vocabulary of all languages!

Since there is a demand here beyond the borders of Luebeck, the Cudgel will not be able to strike immediately and certainly not always in time, but woe betide you and others if you will not make a full commitment to this most important point.

Since my person has long since asserted herself, but continues to be treated like a poor sick beggar, you and others are urgently advised to obey immediately, otherwise one day the Empress will be at your door with some Bundeswehr soldiers, so that you will know a depot injection by your own tip!    

If you and others continue to refuse to give me my very hard-earned pocket money and my assigned place, as well as you will refuse obedience, but then let you and others be surprised! 

P. p. 


The general stop of gambling or sexual intercourse or "banging" including the red light milieu should have already been proclaimed and enforced as a ban.

Please communicate this to the people of Luebeck including the surrounding area in writing as well!

December 2016* corrected. February 2021* German-language document checked.

*** Now you should nevertheless carry out your schizophrenic actions as usual until revoked, since a reciprocal contacting of the Monumental-Area will presumably take place. Thereby no given command of the Lord, (Do this in memory of Me), which was exclusively addressed to His apostles concerning the sacraments, can be indirectly disobeyed. 

Since you too feel addressed in this elite class of one called, Protestantism has probably been conceived as a kind of protective function for the transitional period of the end times, in order to be able to set the matter worldwide for a common new beginning!

And where are the rights to be found?