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The EU and the Ukraine

Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck

To President W. Selenskyj


To the EU


To all Readers worldwide

The German-language you may find here!

Luebeck, 6 June 2024

End the war in Ukraine and rebuild Ukraine, subject to strict conditions and standards for the future.

Dear Mr President V. Selensky, Dear Sirs and Madams,

Dear Readers,

Today is another day of thunder, because it is Thursday (in German-language translated Thunderday), a day on which a mighty thunder of voices should come down in connection with the Cudgel of my person.

Presumably this thunder can also be delayed or become protracted or possibly even sound metallic in alternation with the voice of my person, which is to be expected.

In this way, you can actually recognise the respective receiver or the dominance of the current receiver. My person hopefully doesn't have to make it clear that this is not without danger and that there is more "to it" should also be known.

This makes it clear to me that there is a lot of time pressure in the matter and that my person is worried that I won't be able to complete my task because you and others are still waging a dangerous war like little children here on God's earth!

It is not only my person who has to complete her task, but every thinking person is involved in the matter and the associated commission, and is bound to the fulfilment of the commission addressed to all peoples in the world!

Not everyone in the world has the same rights and the same opportunities and conditions as other people may have, especially if a person was born in war or in one of the famine areas.

Already during pregnancy, for example, deficiency symptoms due to insufficient nutrition caused by wars, but also due to the stresses and strains nerves of the expectant mother that have been strained or lost on earth, are transferred to the child in the womb in an associated and connected way and thus this thin nervous system is added to an individual or to the uniqueness of a person in the womb, which of course cannot evaporate, but always and equally has a recipient in every human being.

And now we come to the point and to Ukraine, in which women of the population who are officially authorised to carry a paid pregnancy to term, for whatever reason. Do these women have no dignity and respect for themselves and their Creator, or do these women have no connection to God or the world? 

And is this especially true for the husbands of these women, who indirectly demand that the woman give up her body and more in exchange for a honoured pregnancy, with the promise of perhaps being able to build a house or pay off debts?

Thus, through this surrogacy, the women carry the eggs and sperm of other people in their bodies by conceiving a human being, but the degraded nerves or some events that can be demonstrably transferred to the child come from the surrogate mother and these nerves are (have been) connected to the child even after birth through the womb and have a recipient.

This is the way it is and a normal person cannot simply ignore this, and so surrogacy is and remains undignified and not a clean solution for a childless marriage, because the children of a surrogate mother will certainly have to struggle more with extremely difficult emotional problems, especially as the origin of the human being is not an adoption, but a borrowed body, which nevertheless has a soul, which is completely missing in test-tube babies and therefore also in this case something very individual is missing for life.

Seen in this light, it is certainly no coincidence that it is precisely Ukraine that is being addressed here and that this undignified and dubious business of surrogacy must be stopped immediately, especially if Ukraine claims to be part of Europe.

For this reason, too, European Russia will first be offered and allowed entry and admission to the EU and then, and only then, if at least human dignity and respect for Creation are practised in Ukraine, will you as Ukrainians also come to your rights!

Of course, corruption is not uncommon in many Eastern Bloc countries, including Russia and Ukraine. You can even see it clearly at the top of the leadership on both sides of the warring parties. Many of them have another string of one`s bow abroad for themselves and their children as a precautionary measure, even though the money and resources for the beleaguered population of Ukraine are lacking at every turn.

The citizens have bombed-out houses and often have to spend the night in cellars or bunkers, whatever the weather. Power cuts and no available heating are the order of the day for many Ukrainians, with children in particular bearing the brunt of the war. Now the population fears that a takeover of Russia could be accompanied by rape and enslavement as second-class human beings, which is of course unacceptable and must be terrible.

Russia, too, must bow to the higher right, which has certainly announced itself in Russia, as it will also have shown itself in Ukraine! Finally come to your senses, you were not born here to leave the earth as end consumers, but you too have obligations towards future generations and have also been called upon and addressed!

So please get your act together and listen carefully to what your counterpart has to say during diplomatic talks and vice versa!

The national borders will certainly be preserved in the future or sooner or later restored, even President V. Putin cannot change that. As far as Crimea is concerned, President Putin will be given the opportunity to take over Crimea by proving an extraordinary achievement of his person in the matter.

Reconstruction in Ukraine will first have to be carried out jointly by the minesweepers and armoured mine vehicles of the soldiers from both sides involved, whereby no Russians should be harmed on Ukrainian soil, and other countries should also offer help!

Subsequently, the construction of small family houses made of wood or stone with a large allotment garden for each affected family with neighbourly ties to the parents or family will have to be planned and implemented immediately with a view to the future. The sewerage system will have to be divided into different districts and set up as odourless collecting basins in which only faeces will be collected possibly* with biodegradable toilet paper, which will be pumped out as fertiliser in the future, but is currently also checked and returned to the land, whereby the earth itself is a cleansing component.

In this way, the villages and towns in the bombed-out parts of Ukraine will develop anew as a model, but the local people in particular will soon be able to recover in their homes and gardens and forget the horrors of war. 

To achieve this, all those involved in the war, but also those not involved, such as Austria and Switzerland, must pitch in and provide the funds. Only the state, in this case President Selenskyj, has to manage or lease these small houses with allotment gardens, as is already specified and visible on the Internet on my homepages in a future-oriented manner.

Please look for sensible people, as already instructed, who can establish contact with President Putin by including European Russia in the European Union under the same conditions and with the same benefits!

Time is already running out for my person, who will also be tied to the time of the Emperor and for this reason you should accelerate the progress, but please not too much and that in the truest sense of the word!

Yours sincerely

Ursula Sabisch, Empress

HP: Please reconsider your situation and start to finally accept the truth and reality in which we all find ourselves worldwide and do not continue to try to cover everything up as insignificant!

* 09.06.2024 document checked.