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Aleppo or Apollo

Subject: Education instead of forced marriage - girls need your help!

From: "Kinderhilfswerk Plan" <newsletter@news.seguras.de>

Date: 13.12.2016 07:32

To: "Ursula Sabisch" netsur@freenet.de

See below: Final Solution

Free English translation on 30 August 2021.

The German-language document you may find here!

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

If you and others are really interested in a plan and thus need financial means for your children's charity, then you should first deal with reality. This is exactly what you and your kind can achieve on my various homepages.

Thus, there exists an electronic book with various "treasure troves", which currently far outshine all other books in the world, since these contained writings exist as treasures and are coupled with the end of time and a possible new beginning.

In brief: 

Ending hunger, wars and abortions worldwide, as only then can my person claim their financial resources as an allowance and thus become more capable of action.

Opening of the matter worldwide through the gate of the world by means of my person: Hamburg, villa at the (inner) Alster* is demanded by my person, workplace in the TZ* (This specific offer is no longer available)* in a kind of "kindergarten association", as had and incorporated in Luebeck.

Convert and furnish castles of the world, as ordered etc..

Prepare world travels also for my person, etc..

I know that many prominent persons will publish their autobiographies or books and thereby also earn a lot of money. Thus, my person demands that this money should be given to the children's charities and SOS villages, because as already mentioned, at present no one can compete with my electronic book.

Today's books usually contain a good entertainment value, but currently no comparable material value and so I demand these funds from the amateur writers!

Attention: Yesterday it was reported on the radio news that children were also burned alive in Syria/ Aleppo!

My person should have you and your kind incapacitated, because this has nothing to do with a man in the house, you silly, spoiled stupid brats, you who continue to have letters of request formulated instead of finally educating yourselves!

Ursula Sabisch


31.10.2018 * amended* Offer: Set up workplace by my person in the villa of the HH ** and then go on the predetermined cultural trips!

HP: One has to think carefully whether it makes sense to want to do such a matter and such a job with half stupid children!

This email will now be added to one of my treasure troves! 

Education instead of forced Marriage - Girls need your Help!

Subject: Education instead of forced marriage - girls need your help!

From: "Plan Children's Fund" <newsletter@news.seguras.de>

Date: 13.12.2016 07:32

To: "Ursula Sabisch" netsur@freenet.de

See below: Final Solution

Fair Balance in the Matter

The Solution is Education!          

The final Solution

The further solution is: By the force of my Monumental Cudgel, all those who do not want to voluntarily part with the accumulated wealth, which, by the way, no one can honestly have earned in today's magnitudes, will feel the Cudgel of my person, for these were pre-destined as appointed administrators of the funds for the necessary projects!

31 December 2016

HP: Even if one had not been informed in the matter and in the commission, as a person of intellect, one had to know that one was moving and using the accumulated wealth at the high cost of others, because somewhere else these sums of money must eventually be missing.

Such "broken" and naive behaviour of the rich still costs many people their lives!

Especially also those who "have been in this matter" for a long time and have not yet given any information in this regard will have to give an account of their sick "acting and thinking"!

31 October 2018