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Legitimised Human Trafficking

.....or how is such a marriage defined nowadays?

Ursula Kaiserin, Ruebenkoppel 1, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the

Press and Information Office

Of the Federal Government

Dorotheenstr. 84

10117 Berlin

Luebeck, 19 June 2002

Free English translation on 30 August 2021. The German-language document you may find here!

Foreigners' Laws


This letter must not be lost either, because it was written at a time when it could have been my last letter. Thus, it is also valuable and its content will have to be put into action according to those currently in charge. 

27 December 2016*

Dear Mrs. Professor Sue...!

Dear Sirs!

As of today, your Empress will call upon you by name so that you will render obedience, as you seem unwilling to refrain from your little plays with my person.

You have already received a letter regarding the new immigration law, whereby the personnel issues have also already been addressed as those responsible.

Now you will give way to Mrs. Professor Sue... to move from theory* to practice.

In front of the eyes of your Empress, you ill whippersnappers allow yourselves to play-act further with my person?!

Now you will play these games yourselves, and as voluntarily as possible.

In Luebeck, Ho... I, R.......... Parzelle.... you will, Mrs. Sue...., ,inquire about the corresponding allotment tenant and take care of him.

You will stop the connections he has with foreign Thai women or other foreign women and delight him accordingly yourself, or more accurately defined, satisfy him.

What you, Mrs. Sue..., have calculated or thought for beautiful young girls or women, your Empress now calculates and thinks for you.

Should you refuse, what is likely, then your Empress will have you hunted down, Mrs. Professor Sue..., by the Cudgel of my person, until you have arrived in Luebeck and will render obedience.

You will go to this gentleman so that he realises that he is not a highborn and, as a pensioner, has no young girls to buy or keep.

For you, Mrs. Sue., it means that you will learn to stay out of politics, as you only know the consequences from theory but cannot recognise the practice, even though you might have mingled with the people for four weeks.

However, your husband, Mr. Sue..., your Empress would have liked to find him at the "round table", whereby you could stand by him in an advisory capacity, should he still be interested in you after your assignment.

Otherwise, you will then look for an appropriate fool for your would-be designs!

After your order you will then please visit the Health Office as well as the Labour Office Luebeck and see to it that all the orders of your Empress are carried out.

The clean-up work will start here in Luebeck; the pigsty will be closed first!

My person warns the recipient of this letter not to embezzle this and the accompanying letter.

Your Empress has you hunted down; you will all still see life, you will all still learn to pray and give thanks, you diseased creatures you!

You have taken more out of yourselves today for the last time than is due to you, for now at least one name will be mentioned in the future!

P. p.