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Ursula Sabisch, Ruebenkoppel 1, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the

Episcopal Ordinariates of the

Roman Catholic Church

Worldwide CC

Germany, Thursday, 3 April 2003

Free English translation on 30 August 2021


Please let the German-language writing be translated exactly into all languages worldwide.

This kind of letter style is certainly reserved for very great exceptions, please do not forget or confuse this as a reader, as this letter is now published herewith! Aug. 2011/ November 2016.

Dear Spiritual Gentlemen, Dear Clergy, Dear Secular Gentlemen!

It is now once again a "thunder" day that goes out to you today and that I should also thunder about for your sake.

Now some mostly very educated addressees will say: I don't read through such things; I don't have an opinion forced on me.

I have already heard this comment from two intelligent readers, however, this comment possibly says exactly what I have to work on here on God's earth, among other things; namely, on the truth, which has long been reversed from every conceivable side.

No one wants to hear this truth any more and many apparently feel that this kind of writing puts them in a forced situation, signalling to everyone that they have their own opinion and must be guided by it.

However, this own opinion that the population has acquired springs from an artificial source of information in a way that is mainly shaped by the mass media, which can control the zeitgeist with ease and have long since overrun humanity without humanity even noticing.

And now I come, as I hope I may, with a heavy weapon also on the political parquet**, namely, among other things, with an invisible Cudgel, such as can otherwise only occur in a fairy tale.

In order for this fairy tale, which incidentally is made up of three different parts, to be fulfilled, humanity, in conjunction with true spirituality, still has much to do and create.

So I would like to invite you again to read this and also other letters of mine in order to consolidate yourselves and your own opinion and to form an opinion again, also in order to develop and let develop ideas on your own, which must and will fit into the given concept of the Empress, which will bring proof of the presence of the One of our all Creator at the end of time*.

If you read my very different writings, you will have to admit to yourselves that you were on the best way and are on the way to go astray, because you can no longer even recognise what has actually happened to your sheep and it is precisely at this point that we will have to work.

At this point, a great weakness has been opened within the sacraments, because you cannot/ are not allowed* to give sacraments 2016* in principle if the Christian has not been given an appropriate punishment of a grave sin through confession and the punishment has not yet been paid off.

Absolution may not be given without further ado, because the sick or confessing little sheep threatens to relapse over and over again.* 2017

It is not only about your repentant little sheep, it is then also about the stricken and afflicted sheep who will also be borne by the Lord and this number of victims increases significantly every day.

You as clergymen must learn again to look behind the façade of people, because that is the prerequisite and the security through the protection of a true clergyman; he must be able to recognise who embodies an enemy image and he must be able to recognise where such behaviour comes from.

A clergyman must be able to recognise with certainty who is behind a person and he must be able to strike at such an enemy image in order to hit him/ it with equal or even harsher weapons.

In doing so, every clergyman and every little sheep must be very clearly aware that it will no longer be of any use to anyone to have only kept their own soul-life pure and clean by watching others who have unequal conditions in life by "going down the drain" and that on a very grand scale; in doing so, many forget that these people are also creatures of God!

By means of the scales, the opposite will already have become the case, for failure to help one's neighbour as well as refusal to obey the Authorities will have to be severely punished, which affects a Roman Catholic in a very special way.

And now, through the following lines, we will go directly into practice, even if my person will thereby aim somewhat below the belt, as I am very reluctant to name names, which in this case, however, makes the benefit and necessity in the matter seem superficial to me, as you yourselves are obviously not able to recognise a part of your direct enemy image in order to name it.

The intelligent chairman of the Council of the EKD, Manfred K., who for year and day has been endeavouring to do everything he can to overthrow the Roman Catholic Church by using his intelligence, which is mainly characterised by being able to put himself in the place of others, including a true bishop, is, in my opinion, a creeping leg-puller.

He has the ability to weaken the true clergy there and to recognise the weak points of a clergyman in order to make them untrustworthy, which has been his whole endeavour so far, in order to be able to form an ecumenism as a leading personality with perspective, even through the bad financial situation**(**What did not correspond to the truth!!) of the Church.

The see-through consists in the fact that this very person has understood or realised that he does not embody a person who would be allowed to bless and baptise other people, and so he sees his striving in bringing true spirituality to the same level or standard.

A clever head who blossoms when he can say that for politics there are exclusively politicians who are designated to decide also on war and peace, and thus he also includes the entire clergy by this false *2016 statement, as he absolutely wanted to deny the true clergy them  power*/responsibility* 2016 by way of precaution with this described encouragement, which is gladly confirmed by other sides.

In my opinion, he is a person who deceives himself and uses and needs others to mitigate this self-deception.

Such a person belongs to be given a proper kick in the butt and then relegated to his proper place.

He belongs in diplomacy, because in diplomacy very often it goes on stilted and cautious, and in diplomacy it is important to be able to put oneself in the other person's shoes.

I could guarantee you that the good Pilar M. K. would register these lines with a mischievous smile; but at the same time, in the back of his mind, all his public appearances and statements would run before his mind's eye and he would immediately realise that these statements exist as records of his public appearances and that "paper is patient".

This ability to be able to judge another human being, to see and recognise his weaknesses and his strengths, this ability in the wrong hands can have very bad consequences, especially when humanity is coming to an end.

Many of you have lost this ability to a great extent, and it is precisely because of such highly psychologically trained and intelligent people who can pull out all the stops.

But there is One who can see deeper, who can see through and illuminate a human being.

This One, whom such a council chairman wants to represent, this One wants to deceive such a great churchman by the name of K.... and that is more than just a laughing matter to me.

If a human being, like the Empress is, is a little closer to a human being, then she can come very far, even via the TV; I possess this ability, and this unpalatable assertion, which I have hereby made, by another human being, dear clergy, takes courage and yet One can confirm this assertion to me.

I, too, can be mistaken, but One cannot, and at least every person who moves in such connections should know something like this, as does an evangelical secular!! !

You as clergymen must reflect on this again and you will find that psychology will always be inferior to true spiritual power in the end, because something artificial is opposed to the natural.

Now we will try together to correctly classify the American President G. W. Bush.

When G. W. Bush was sworn into office as president, he squinted his eyes tightly during the swearing-in ceremony and immediately the question arose for me as to what faith he belonged to.

Without my knowing it at the time, I could see that this faith was the faith in himself and was thus linked to a status that is very closely associated with power, prestige and with capitalism.

There is nothing wrong with power, prestige and against capitalism if everything harmonises together and there is a genuineness to it.

Recently, the climax of my astonishment came from watching on TV the American funeral service while mourning for the space crew.

The expected shuttle exploded as it entered the earth's atmosphere.

The President's speech contained a very frightening statement, saying that America would never give up because of this and would not be defeated by this event.

But by whom did he or the USA not want to be defeated?

Among other things, the president should actually be told clearly that he should thank God on his knees that the crew exploded and died in the earth's atmosphere and not before entering the earth's atmosphere* and that the bones thus fell back to earth.

Now I would ask you to look at this speech as a recording, then you will afterwards agree with me that this man in truth equates himself with God; this belief has its origin in the Evangelical Methodist Church, a deviation of Protestantism, which draws its doctrine through Christianity and has its origin in the Roman Catholic Church, but was founded through a kind of psychological filter bag by M. Luther, as you will certainly know more accurately and better than I do.

It was only a few years ago that I was told that there are basically no kneeling benches in the Protestant Church.

As a child and as a teenager, I have always been able to automatically classify people correctly by their faith, whether I wanted to or not.

Now it is becoming more and more difficult for me too, because the truth is that ecumenism has long since "grabbed" because you too have fallen into a kind of deep sleep, which incidentally also fits into a fairy tale, which of course also moves between world history.

Finally, there is one thing I would like to add to this not very successful letter; the classification, the exact formulation and the knowledge of evil as well as the perception of this object has been lost.

The definition of "devil" and "adversary" has been dropped from usage; that is how cunningly and cleverly this being has crept ahead; it wanted and wants to take us all into its power, as unworldly and old-fashioned as this may sound, it is true.


If humanity has to be sent into space, what must not happen under any circumstances and how or who can provide a guarantee for such a daring enterprise?

Who has seen to it that people who, by a great grace, have been put on notice of an Authority, which has happened especially to the citizens of Luebeck, react in such a bored, almost insulted and supercilious manner?

Who has seen to it that these people are allowed to play-act with the end that includes the Emperor, the King and the Empress?

Who has ensured that the time was not properly used to be able to initiate a beginning in Luebeck?

Who saw to it that those responsible for the matter wanted to put themselves on the same level as the Empress, for example, and that the Empress should serve these people?

Who saw to it that the people of Luebeck belittled the difficult job and the difficult position of the King and the Empress as well as that of the Emperor in this way and cannot even understand with whom they were playing and are still playing, was it you?

Who has ensured that the truth can be so easily reversed, as has already become the case, were you not also involved in this?

Who will see to it that the consecration cannot be carried out for much longer and that there is no abuse of values, and how will this take place?

Who has ensured that the Empress has been threatened several times and has been in extreme danger of her life several times as well as having to fight for her life too many times?

Who takes the liberty of refusing the Empress an order and allocating her funds, what category of person is this?

Which profession must be able to see deeper into a person than other people can?

Whom should the clergy serve; should the clergy serve human because they then also serves God at the same time through this, or should the clergy serve God exclusively in order to call for the mutual service of human and to provide for order, justice, security and truth?

Why must spirituality not be united or married to human; why must spirituality be united or married to God and why is this question also the answer to the previous question?

Did Jesus make Himself the servant of humanity or did He only humble Himself for the sake of the Father?

What error and great misunderstanding have you succumbed to regarding the previous question?

Who ensured that the clergy unconsciously had to protect themselves first and foremost in order to be able to protect humanity, and by what means are you, as a clergyman and as a man in our age, particularly vulnerable and endangered?

Who must ensure that no disagreements are allowed to arise between the Imperial couple and our Pope, without either side having to limit its competence?

These and many, many more questions about the "who" could be asked; the courage to grasp this "who" more precisely and to grasp it, this courage you as clergy must first muster, for this is your destiny, your profession!

Yours sincerely and

P. p. Ursula Sabisch


Penance: Everyone can make a mistake, but it must also be corrected accordingly and in doing so it is not enough to say the Lord's Prayer ten times as penance; the truth must come to light; only then is the person back on the right side through confession!

The damage that others have suffered through the guilt of a person confessing must in principle be taken into account in the penitential imposition and remedied as far as possible, whereby the truth always has the highest priority and must always be included.