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Battle Plan

Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Ruebenkoppel 1, 23564 Luebeck

To the                                          CO/              To the

German Central Bank                                      European Central Bank

Wilhelm-Epstein-Str. 14-16                               Kaiserstr. 29

60431 Frankfurt am Main                                  60066 Frankfurt am Main

Luebeck, Monday, 17 May 2004

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Expandable Battle Plan

The German-language document you may find here!

Dear Sirs, Dear Bankers!

As reported again in the news today, the banking industry in the FRG has laid off some 30,000 employees due to cost-cutting measures.

At the same time, however, your board members have not renounced their profit distribution; thus, this royalty or bonus of a board member of the Deutsche Bank AG amounted to the sum of 11 million Euros, which is approximately 22 million DM for one person, who, due to the entire banking mechanism, can accumulate such funds, whereby the thirty thousand dismissed employees will also have made their contribution to such a goal regarding the distribution of individuals.

If one adds up the total payouts of all the German board members as well as executives of the German banks and divides this sum by 30,000, one arrives at an amount that should be redistributed to the dismissed employees. In this way, these jobs would have been affordable for a certain period of time for each of the dismissed employees and would also have been of the utmost importance in order that the finances of individual clients could be managed fairly, since in the future, parallel to the EDP, a separate bookkeeping and administration for the financial population balance will be necessary.

It is quite certain that the entire EDP, and not only that of the banks, can come under a control that will be reciprocal.

This means that it is quite possible that the entire electrical and electro-technical system may temporarily or in the short term fall into a quite dangerous power that comes from the super-dimensional realm/ Monumental-Area, as from this side our planet Earth should be invaded and destroyed.

For this reason, you and others concerned will have to take precautions that are needed for the safety of humanity.

There will already be some people who could certainly confirm this statement in a similar form; at least many people can confirm the existence of the Monumental-Area by taking note of it and can conclude that danger is imminent.

It is imperative for the banking business that credit offers to private individuals be stopped immediately, since more and more people will not be able to pay due to unemployment or illness and the credit business is thus no longer safe or the debtors will be driven into personal bankruptcy in the event of insolvency.

In addition, the debt trap of individuals must be restricted and eliminated once and for all!

Now you need good workers who must be equipped with a good understanding of numbers and the corresponding knowledge to be able to deal properly with the public traffic of your banks.

For this information obligation on the part of the financial institutions, there are various letters also for private individuals who want to deal with a correctly set up economic cycle and need a justification for the upcoming measures.

In concrete terms, this means that even the honestly acquired capital, which must be recorded by handwritten accounts of each account holder, must first be certified, so that any accumulation of assets remains precisely traceable and verifiable.

If one takes you, for example, as board members for this purpose, then one must see what expenses were incurred as a result of the training you were allowed and able to complete and how many people were involved in making these distributions possible for you in the first place.

Then you take the need to integrate such people as board members into the economy so that they can provide a flow and a profit margin of economic growth.

From a leather chair from which you make decisions on the basis of information supplied, you have generated or, to put it more precisely, scammed even more money and capital through money or capital, since money or capital increases through other people's labour power or labour input and you have thus also come into possession of these means, which can be exchanged or bought for money respectively.

You have used your mental power and intellect to "correctly" recognise the weak points of the entire world economic system and to "correctly" use them, for example, to be able to react quickly and "correctly" on the stock exchange.

You have been trained to "properly move" capital, which is not usually composed of honest labour on these scales of individual capitalists.

For this you have come to this relatively safe leather chair and are at an advantage over many a managing director in this respect, because in the management of the economy one sits, as is well known, on the spinner-chair, which also indicates at the same time that any honest work in these ranks is no longer asked for or recognised, but any wrong decision, but also any wrong speculation is punished.

The health risk of a managing director or manager to suffer a stroke or heart attack is greater in these ranks than in other fields of work, but in order to come into possession of such sums, one takes this risk.

In other words, the state has financed your studies as highly qualified business economists or economists from banking and finance, so that you could receive practical training and then an employment contract, and perhaps also so that you could enrich yourselves personally in these dimensions, because you can capitalise on money.

But somewhere and someone then has to do without this sum of money, as it is eleven million euros; this means that these mentioned means of exchange become your personal property and others no longer have these means of exchange at their disposal.

As a result, many people cannot cover their daily needs sufficiently or not at all, and some have to die or fall ill because of hunger, since the education and studies of people like you do not take these facts into account.

Most of the time, poverty affects those who are not so well versed in banking and therefore the weak points of the economic cycle will often affect* these poorer regions, where people have to work hard for very little pay and insufficient social security or where the exploitation of the earth by cheap labour by means of artificial energy is going on en masse and raw materials are pumped out or extracted.

The weak points of your economic cycle continue to exist mainly through cheap and inadequate disposal of chemicals, toxins and radioactivity.

Weaknesses are also to be found in the savings made in the maintenance of heating systems, gas and pipelines, nuclear power plants and other sources of supply.

Other vulnerabilities are between the different social contributions to workers in the respective states, as well as between the different rental and purchase prices of real estate and between the trade in foreign exchange.

Weaknesses are also to be found in the free air pollution, since no one can hold out a hand to demand compensation from the airlines for the destroyed ozone layer, for example, by paying the money to the health insurance companies.

Just as the air and the water may not fall into the possession of individual private persons or groups, too, everything that is under the earth, everything that is found in rocky mountains as well as everything that is found on slopes, may only be managed and used in the interest of the general public, so that the entire ecological cycle and the entire structure of the earth with its entire structure is not endangered.

In summary, this means: Any (uncontrolled) extraction of minerals, raw materials, coal and ores is not meant for private enterprises, but for the interests of the general public and must not become the private property of individuals, so that the weak points of the economic cycle cannot be exploited by the intelligence of individuals.

Also to be mentioned in this context are growth preparations for animals and plants, as well as the use of artificially prepared concentrated feed and artificial fertilisers, whereby the unnecessary use of pesticides is to be mentioned in this context, as well as genetic manipulation.

Here too, individuals can enrich themselves at the expense of the health of others through artificial breeding or rearing, as they certainly can through many, many other possibilities.

Even through organ transplants, where organs are even used from the dead, capital is extracted.

Capital can also be made through a recycling plant or through processing plants that are not tested for their negative environmental impact, such as sewage treatment plants that work with chemicals, some of which evaporate into the air.

Today it was also reported in the news that the HDW Group together with Bloom and Voss as well as with the Nordseewerke Emden want to merge as a shipyard alliance with Thyssen-Krupp, whereby the German shipbuilding industry together with the IG Metall is in favour of this merger, so that by means of a business guarantee possibly first jobs should be cut and then the remaining places should be safe.

The Thyssen-Krupp company expects a total turnover of 2.2 billion euros. That is 2,200 million euros and put out to tender that is 2. 200,000,000 euros and approximately the equivalent of        4. 400,000,000 DM.

The share of the iron and steel needed will be a considerable part, which the general public will contribute as long as the earth can support the general public.

This is the situation with all raw materials and a stop should have been put to such insatiable exploitation and enrichment long ago, as in many other areas of life.

You, as the contact person for Thyssen-Krupp, will now please see to it that the power stations of the shipyards are switched to economy mode and at the same time you will please see to it, by means of labour offices, that enough workers are converted and employed for a restructuring of steel shipbuilding to wooden shipbuilding, so that a future-oriented means of transport can be built that can be powered by wind power.

These are large sailing ships for trade and for the transport of people, which can bring back the materials used, including labour, which cannot necessarily be said of the planned naval shipbuilding, as the navy already has enough ships.

You will please procure the required timber through targeted clearing from large-scale forests by creating larger aisles or forest clearings in order to simultaneously counteract the large-scale forest fires.

This only applies to forests that are settled on level ground so that other natural forces such as erosion or slope sliding can be ruled out.

Please employ experts for these projects who will know exactly that for every tree felled, at least one but better two new trees must be planted.

This is the prerequisite for an ecological cycle that guarantees a regulated oxygen supply, also because the forest soil fertiliser is regulated independently by nature through the fir needles and leaves and thus remains economical.

You can also see from these conditions that forestry and forest management do not belong to private ownership either, but must also be managed by the state.

At present, the required timber (wood) may still be imported by tanker and transported to the shipyards.

Instead of the planned merger, whereby jobs would probably be cut, you should now muster the courage for a turnaround in time and recruit workers for the upcoming merger combined with the planned restructuring.

The whole matter will be financed by a fixed private kitchen rate for each professional, which will not exceed 120 euros per month for the FRG, Europe-wide and then worldwide.

Every larger employer will receive several private kitchens, which will have to be run by volunteer housewives, financed from a blocked pot of all bank accounts.

Smaller workplaces are also provided with wholesome and balanced home-cooked meals, which should also be provided by a collective kitchen run by the volunteer housewives, who are allowed to earn the daily hot lunch in addition through their work.

This voluntary task includes the entire process from shopping to washing dishes and requires a six-hour day for many ladies, although many seasoned older and experienced housewives should also participate in this project.

Every employee and employer receives a hot, balanced lunch every day and is allowed to eat their fill.

Students and trainees also participate in these measures.

Housewives, early retirees and pensioners each receive a monthly household allowance of 123 euros. Housewives and mothers receive the child allowance, which is given out exclusively in the form of stamps for children's needs, which are valid for two years.

Furthermore, for each child up to the age of 13, 110 euros will be paid monthly by the bank; for each child from the age of 14, the sum of 120 euros will have to be paid.

The electricity, water and heating costs of a private household will have to be limited accordingly for each household and a consumer stop will have to be created for each household.

A dishwasher, the washing machine, the hoover as well as other electrical appliances will only be able to be used very seldom, whereby a corresponding repayment will be paid out as cash through the unused electricity, water and heating units.

As part-time housewives, the respective persons will have to consider whether they want to opt for the fixed rate of 120 Euros or for the 40 Euros plus a hot daily lunch, which will be provided from Monday to Saturday.

The voluntary work for the supply kitchens allows for an additional income or a healthy lunch. The same applies without exception to the voluntary clean-up work in the shops concerning the messed-up articles on offer, whereby these productions are to be discontinued.

Every employee and employer receives a healthy hot lunch from Monday to Saturday, which in the case of larger companies is delivered directly to the immediate workplace through a "merger" with private kitchens.

Especially older men and pensioners who want to earn a warm lunch in addition will please you regarding the restructuring, because the handicraft will have a future again and has to be rebuilt.

Again, you will need wood for the planned cottage construction in the allotments and you will still need it for individual sturdy furniture, as well as for the farms for the purpose of healthy livestock rearing.

Children's toys should also be made of wood and so there are hundreds of possibilities for future-oriented economic growth worldwide.

Wood has many good qualities and advantages, but unfortunately it is combustible and so it is necessary to think about a sensible settlement of houses, whereby the brick house will also have a future.

It is imperative that the entire power supply and fuel supply be changed to go easy in order to properly use and utilise the resources that are still available.

Housewives and elderly people who cannot participate in communal feeding outside the home receive the rate of 123 Euros per month as a household allowance. Housewives and mothers receive in addition the child allowance and payment compensation for the aforementioned savings.

Like everyone else, the population receives free tobacco products through the doctor on prescription, a supply for addicted people for drug use, prescriptions for free but controlled alcohol consumption, and one receives a monthly allowance for the catalogue order of cosmetic products of 20 euros, which may be directly debited from the respective accounts, which continue visually or in parallel.*

Likewise, the pet owners will receive a monthly voucher for pet food, whereby everyone will be free to provide themselves with pet food in case the available funds will not be sufficient, because those who behave like animals and pile up goods like food up to the sales ceiling and prefer to destroy them before rethinking, so that many people are no longer alive because of it, those who prefer to take care of pets and already create a large pet food industry for pets, should also know how they stand in front of the Lord and Creator, namely as half an animal!

Now, as bankers, you will initiate this merger with ThyssenKrupp as well as with all the shipyards of Europe as soon as possible and involve many people in this task and let them be fairly rewarded for it, namely by their earned daily bread!

In order to have honestly earned their daily bread, all those involved will sooner or later have to get to the workplace by bicycle, if necessary on foot, or by public transport, because the petrol pumps at the petrol stations will remain closed to all private motorists.

Taxi rides will only be financed through immediate billing at the doctors' offices via the health insurance companies; all other trips will no longer be allowed by taxi.

The costs for public transport to the workplace and for the way home will be settled through travel vouchers via the employer; everyone will have to pay all other costs themselves, such as bicycle and shoe repairs.

In the event of temporary disability, funds for a hot lunch or, if necessary, lunch will be guaranteed immediately by the employer, also with doctor's visits and official business permitted by certification during working hours.

Working hours (eight-our day) must be determined individually and fairly by the different sectors and branches on an hourly basis and must last from Monday to Saturday at midday.

The retail sector has special working hours from Monday to Saturday 6 p.m., with a day off during the week as well as hot lunch and travel expenses.

The night workers will also have to be provided for by housewives, whereby the ladies from the collective supply points may deliver lunch in exchange for food vouchers from a company, as there will be ladies who would also like to work at night.

The family doctor or the attending physician is entitled to issue a special prescription for food if the health condition of the patient demands it. The true medical profession, as well as the true clergy and the corresponding offspring, are to be kept healthy at all costs and must be provided with special prescriptions for food in the interest of the general public.

In future there will be a fixed limit on assets, which may not exceed 100,000 euros (one hundred thousand).

Otherwise, the surplus money will be transferred to a foundation and go back to the state treasury. This amount may not be exceeded through business chaining and branching; not even through donations.

There are three exceptions in this regard, which I hope you should already be aware of; one expectional person is writing you these two unpleasant letters, with many more letters regarding the order in the matter.

P. p. Empress


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