Das Weltkulturerbe in 2021

The World Women`s Day

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Universität Hamburg
Mittelweg 177

20148 Hamburg



Marc Szeglat Videoproduktion
Dülmener Str. 11

46117 Oberhausen

Germany, Luebeck, 08 March 2020


Subject: Madeira today 12:30 a.m. 13 hours ago : very violent tremors (9/10)

Subject: Morocco today 12:30 a.m. 25 minutes ago : very violent tremors (9/10) near Amismi

Please let this document be translated into many languages and be handed over to the corresponding persons.
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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of the University of Hamburg,  Dear Sirs of the video productions, Dear Geophysicists, Dear Readers,

News about volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and natural disasters with vivid images arouse the interest and attention of the population and additionally promote tourism through the increasing volcanic eruptions.

This is obviously a way to make money and the work is also fun!

I`m surprised, that there are no amusement parks or other tourist attractions near the active volcanoes, although volcanoes have always existed!

But no one in your ranks, preferably you, as the geophysicists are addressed herewith, who, through the different possibilities deal with this matter and earn the living from it, unfortunately comes to the idea of seriously interpreting these abovementioned increasing phenomena "or these signs", which the Earth has been clearly showing and giving to us human beings for several years, to interpret sensibly and to thoroughly question them in order to inform humanity as capacities, so that the right conclusions can be drawn from the situation.

As a student at the UNI Hamburg you can most likely feel very comfortable and can probably easily „take along“ some lectures on geophysics and sometimes attend this or that seminar or exchange the area of interest, repeat or complete a semester.

It will be just as "great and exciting", if you can shine as a recognized capacity with a doctorate, professor's degree or even both titles in front of the students, which certainly the one or the other student aspires to and wants to realize as his professional goal.

Perhaps, as "geophysical chairs" with or without a doctorate through the international relations of your UNI, you know some active capacities that do not serve the chair, but have to deal with the specific measuring instruments and expertise on a daily basis and work professionally, since it can no longer be true, that here or elsewhere everyone oversleeps the future by unlearn* taking up the active life completely!

My person would like to receive a reasonable explanation of the reaction of the earth immediately, which already shows such above-mentioned multiple convulsions of nature of magnitude* (9/ 10), which cannot be earthquakes, since these phenomena are increasingly referred to as very violent convulsions of nature and not as earthquakes!

If you and your international colleagues have finally noticed what is going on, as the fun and exploitation of the earth coming to an end for a long time, then we are all making something out of the real situation "without the slightest effort",*  through the diversity of all humanity, but please in a hurry!

Today is the World Women's Day, with women clearly destined for the preservation of the earth by nature!

My person has already set up for the necessary steps in the matter and commission, in order to also advocate for the stability of the earth, whilst cultural trips must take place as a matter of priority, in order to be able to accommodate all humans and a number of things.

You and your colleagues can find out more in the various homepages of my person.

Yours sincerely
Ursula Sabisch


PS.: This letter belongs to the general public and thus to one of the various homepages of my person!

*Expression corrected * 12.12.2020