Das Weltkulturerbe in 2021

Cause: Poverty!

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CBM Germany e. V.

Stubenwald-Allee 5

64625 Bensheim

Lübeck, December 10, 2020

Cause: Bitter Poverty!

Please let that German language document be translated in many languages and be handed over to the corresponding people!

Dear Doctor. H. Philipps, Dear Gentlemen, Dear Readers,

You as Christoffel Blindenmission (CBM) are again asking for help for children from Africa who can even go blind due to malnutrition, as the growing body cannot develop any or only insufficient antibodies, whereby quickly one or the other child has to pay with one`s eyesight!

You know more about the causes than I do personally, but my person knows more about you and your kind, because you and your fellows are the ones who urgently need help first!

If you and each of your fellows had a superordinate "spiritually monumental being" at your disposal, which puts a psychiatrist in the shade by far, then the world would have long since looked brighter for the blind children in Africa through the shine of the light!

You and everyone else need very quick and unbureaucratic help, which for many has long since come from heaven and must follow for everyone else worldwide so that all thinking people can finally become wise from harm!

What kind of strange and questionable contemporaries are you who make a name for themselves through the suffering of others, in that those damaged and disadvantaged people then of course have to be more than grateful when their suffering can be taken away from them by such contemporaries as you will be, which was caused indirectly by people like you and others, as a poor or no redistribution of the funds available for humanity took place, because my person has already written to and called you on the matter several times.

No wonder, because if a person has no real respect for Creation and the life created, which cannot be identified more clearly through abortions worldwide, why should he then care about the well-being and safety of his fellow men in distant and strange countries and cultures without looking for personal gain?    

You and your fellows actually need a psychiatrist who, however, can only temporarily change the bitter truth by means of repression of reality or by means of perception analyzes, so that mentally ill people become dependent and have to visit a psychiatrist again and again, although the large number of needy would blow up the scope of such measures and the real harm and evil progress!

So you and everyone else should get used to a "spiritually monumental being" who will pay attention to and treat every person who needs help in this regard, so that the cycle of life can be rebuilt with the help of the called humanity, in which all cultures worldwide must be integrated!

Every current ruler, dictator or person in charge should not be fooled by the simple way of expressing and the simplicity and the simple measures of my person, because those people who can shine with foreign words and good expressions usually lack a claim to a content or sense of a raison d'être through the passing on of values and thus clearly lacking the qualification to be able and allowed to lead crowds, because there is clearly a lack of expertise for the big picture!

Wanting to lead crowds without the necessary qualification and respect for Creation, that is what my person calls a grossly negligent exaggerated opinion of oneself towards people and also towards Creation, in that the world ship is forcibly driven against the wall!

So you should move as quickly as possible to pass my person`s orders on to those currently in power and to obey them by initiating immediate measures and an active change of government, so that the African family and children in Africa can finally be protected.

Last but not least, the government, which consists of Three People, will be able to act more effectively in order to ensure the stability and paving the way of the Comers as a Whole, because it will not be easier or better for everyone; On the contrary, the longer my person has to keep the "devil in check", the longer and stricter the measures that my person mentioned in Internet* will also have to be done!

Just as mercilessly and ignorantly, my person will allow to be taken the appropriate measures, as it is with the poorest and poor happened and among others taken place to me!

Best wishes, Ursula Sabisch


HP.: My person will also keep everything open, just as you and your likes do or have done with me!

But what you and your kind need of all that ..............

               is my person`s powerful Cudgel !


The first Fairy tale calls: Little table sets yourself...........for the right ones!