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For Heaven's Sake

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Thursday, 19 February 2004

Free English translation on 06 June 2021

For Heaven's Sake!

Please let the German-language document be translated into many languages and be handed over to the corresponding people.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Readers!

For heaven's sake, a dog as a "Stowaway" was shown on Tuesday on TV DAS ERSTE.

But enough is enough with your series and with this nonsense that you regularly present to an off colour audience!

"As a mayor of a town, Fritz Wepper buried a cat in this series, whereby a very beautiful place was chosen for the cat's grave as well as additionally a beautiful bouquet of flowers" and a clear cross decorated the grave.

But that was not enough, the scene had to be "topped off" by the presence of the "Sister" Jutta Speidel, who completed the scene and thus brought the film to its conclusion.

The fact that both actors will probably also be Catholic is very likely and does not require further comment.

You and others have now dared to do this and everything else in this way for the last time with impunity.

My person gives you a week's time to think about the sorting of the films and the necessary steps to cut them; should an animal, especially a dog, cat or monkey, play a leading role, then you and your kind will get to know the corresponding leading role in reality, in that those responsible, primarily the programme director of the broadcaster and the directors of the films, will only be provided with animal food and the castor oil needed for it, or nothing edible at all*, for a month.

If it is a dog, as "Inspector Rex" is, then it is dog food. If it's a cat, you get cat food, but if it's a monkey, you get to eat only bananas for a month, lucky you!

If it's different species of animal, then you can expect a varied menu.

You will know that a dolphin eats raw fish and a horse is a vegetarian. As directors, you know the animals better than I do because of the filming and then you already know what will therefore be on your plate in the next few weeks.

In this respect, think especially of the advertising and the resulting* varied animal food intake for the respective persons in charge of the advertising professionals*.

You are welcome to laugh at this writing, but every dog kiss in a film will have a significant impact on your health or your life.

There are various ways of making scenes on film strips unrecognisable or cutting them out. Another option would be to destroy the film.

Of course you are allowed to show a sheep grazing and therefore not having to eat grass for a month, but you must not, for example*, show any family life that involves a pet or* otherwise attempting to produce anything human in this or that way on the animal.

A bird, fish, hamsters and guinea pigs as well as turtles may still be shown in the home for the time being, but one day TV should be taken out of human culture altogether; only radio may remain, presumably in a limited way, as a medium of information.

Now the medium of TV will become the means to an end, but in a reversed, positive way.

It is not easy as humanity* to have to recognise that there will also be Something else or Someone else* than just the people who are in a position of power, which will now be especially valid for foreign cultures.

Here on God's earth there are very different races as well as cultures, each closely linked to a religion.

In order to now be able to protect humanity from foreign interference, one is forced to make proper use of the chains that already exist, such as the flow of information on the Internet, via a satellite or via cable, by maintaining a healthy distrust of the Monumental Events*, and this until the green light can be given.

Come up with your own ideas in this regard and disrupt these chains frequently, for attack is the best way to defend oneself, so that an unconditional unity of all states is needed and something more!

Not only an unity is needed, but an unified culture with a competent leadership, so that such a life cannot be repeated by the present cultures.

Through the called-up Authorities, the desired* culture has been determined, and it is, according to the Empress, the German culture of the fifties, which existed as a basis and is to be striven for and developed for all peoples.

However, we are very far away from this, whereby the next* millennium is progressing with giant strides and is showing a quite enormous cultural decline, which is becoming more and more evident every day.

It is precisely for this reason that TV should help our youth and younger adults, as well as foreign cultures, to familiarise themselves with the German culture and religion of the time by means of older films.

There are many ways to introduce a culture, including through fairy tales or cooking recipes, through songs, through dances and through the broadcasts of the Roman Catholic services; however, even at these crossroads you will have to cut the consecration and blessing for safety reasons!

Prayers are also real and have a recipient, so they should not normally be transmitted in order not to fall into the wrong hands in the Monomental Area, but if a healthy mistrust were to counteract this, then the introduction of the culture could be guaranteed via the TV.

Thus, TV is given a special status through various focal points as follows:

1.)  The flow of information from the Monumental Area.

2.) Culture shock through my person.

3.)  Possibilities of connection to an alien culture.

4.)  Educational measures here on earth and there* in the hereafter, each of which is to lead back to one's                own spiritual power and to the human race.

5.)  Introduction to the right culture and true* doctrine(s).

6.)  Observation or Recording** and announcement of the danger areas* by terror*.

7.)  Possible censorship of the films shown.

8.)  Observation of the danger circles including individuals and groups.

9.)  Risides ...whereabouts ...........e e ......

10.)  Switching over or switching off because of unaesthetic rubbish by my, strangers or other persons.

11.)  Control function of the generally animal "toke".

Etc. ...

For these aforementioned reasons, television for children, and in some cases for teenagers, is no longer possible and must be severely restricted* or banned* immediately.

Children's radio may continue to fill the programme, but children may only watch videos that have been reviewed by the video store operators and by parents, whereby a video store must be managed by the city like a library.

For abroad, some films should be dubbed, others should run with subtitles so that people can also "listen in" to the German language, whereby many dialects and accents could be offered, including the Austrian dialect, which is part of it, but High German should be offered if possible.

My person hopes that you and your kind will understand my "High German", especially when my person makes myself clear!

My person also hopes that you and others will finally have realised that we have all been living on the overdraft of the overdraft for a long time and that the well-being and survival of mankind will depend on the Authorities as well as especially on the foreign states of foreign cultures, which have to cope with and process much more than we locals.

Each of the Authorities has its own area of responsibility, which, however, inevitably passes into the other.

The same applies to the called-up Princes of this World.

It is strictly forbidden to show the private sphere of the Emperor and the King as well as his wife, like that of the German Prince M. M. , in public.

For this reason, you will please have to have the appropriate circuits* carried out in good time and also independently.

It is not permitted that my male traveling companion as well as the Princes called worldwide, whereby the African Prince has already been named, are dragged through the muck in public.

Especially also the son and the ex-husband of the Empress must not be publicly discriminated against, what of course must also apply to the entire Roman Catholic (true)* clergy!

Please come up with something meaningful that can be useful for information, collateral and cultural connections.

Let interested actors go to the moderation and language laboratories for the required films or even as celebrities visit the foreign circle of colleagues to take care of the termination of the mentioned* film production worldwide.

Moreover, several letters regarding this profession are already available.

My person urgently advises you facing reality and to obey the Authorities, also to cherish them like life itself, even if this would cause you and others the very greatest problems and difficulties, since you all still have to learn to starve, to give thanks, to pray and above all to become human again, so that you can be protected from completely different, enormous problems and difficulties!

Also the radio will please stop the broadcasts with the psycho-animal doctors, who surely already publicly recommend a scarf, a handkerchief and cough syrup for a dog and a cat.

Notice: Anyone who puts an animal in the wrong place will have to occupy that place himself!

This may mean that some people will be sent behind the tree through the Empress's Cudgel!

P. p.


(Switching operations)*

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