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Acting Arts

Ursula Empress, Ruebenkoppel 1, 23564 Luebeck

To Bavaria Film


Germany, Luebeck, 13 November 2002

Free Englisch translation on 07 June 2021

Acting Arts/ CC to all Actors

The German-language document you may find here!

Dear Actors, Dear Readers,

Your Empress has now been writing to this sickened society for over three* (see above for date) years and it almost seems as if it is to become a never-ending story.

Not only my person is capable of judging you as a human being, my dear actors, there are other adult people who are also able to do so.

As a rule, it will be older people who have not yet let themselves be subjected by the spirit of the times and will still have a clear sense of judgement.

You are now usually intelligent people who are supposed to take on the role of another person; the better you can do it, the more intelligent and talented you are too!?

Often your Empress has wondered how you will get on in your own life, when you will perhaps have played a lord of a castle, a doctor or a multi-millionaire shortly before; will you then be glad that you do not possess so much power as in your roles or will you be rather dissatisfied?

What will happen to you when your financial means no longer allow you to live an above-average lifestyle?

What will be with you when you have to grow old and will no longer be in demand?

How far will you publicly bow and accept all the roles that are still offered to you?

How do you feel when you have to play a man who is currently "screw" his way through all the channels and needs many fans to satisfy his ego?

Why do you need more than one person who respects, admires and desires you, and why do some of you have to earn someone else's youth through this method?

You have now put your person in people's rooms and are respected celebrities whose have to play their roles.

The most beautiful thing is, when you are publicly invited in front of the camera as a guest and have to play your own role, without stage direction.

You do this quite normally, just like your fans, by the way!

Now, however, your Empress must take you under the direction, so that you will not miss the role of your lifetime and will not go astray any further.

There is already enough media material all over the world, which must now please be sorted to deprive your millions of tutoring students of the teaching material worldwide. Have the morbid fantasy films as well as the violent films taken out of circulation. Please have your psycho movies removed as well.

You will only be allowed to run your "screw-fun" through certain channels.

Thus, your imaginary profession is hereby cancelled!

Please come to Luebeck; here you will get to know your tutoring actors directly; some of you could learn a thing or two from them!

You too will make acquaintance with your Empress's Cudgel; it will then direct the role of your life!

The so-called gentlemen among you will please come to the planned large construction sites as a craftsman, especially as a bricklayer.

The work on the building site makes broad shoulders and lets you find yourselves among still the remaing men.

You no longer need to "screw or howl" your way through life in public.

The women among you will please also have to come to terms with the fact, that an audience of millions is too much for one woman.

In future, please also limit yourselves to one man, should you come across one.

You too will please classify yourselves properly, otherwise you will surely be prescribed a special programme.

Incidentally, a beautiful woman is not overly famous and does not have broad shoulders.

A beautiful woman keeps her beauty to herself and to her husband.

You can try to do so much; you will never get satisfaction the way you live and certainly not by a worldwide audience, which is no longer composed of the woman and the man.

Your Empress would advise you not to bother with public relations any more. Rather, take up a housewife job that involves public cleanig-up operation*.

Gardening to relax and cycling to switch off from all the nonsense should be good for you.

In future, please refrain from using your level of awareness for good causes; it is quite simply an impertinence!

You are then often rehabilitated by these appeals for donations from your publicly produced dirt and are actually to be held jointly responsible for many unstable people, who have more easily fallen into this social decline due to your demonstrated activities.

However, the main responsibility does not and did not lie with you.

On the other hand, nowadays a single candidate can win so much money through the game shows broadcast to finance an entire children's village; you can then hide your social commitment behind that.

Please refrain from this kind of social commitment and rather clear the field in the interest of the children, of the youth and in the interest of future generations, you would-be, you!

The actual entertainers are of course excluded from this letter.

P. p. Empress

Please, let that German-language writing be translated quite exactly into all languages worldwide.

09 March 2020

HP: Of course, one can be glad that there are currently feature films or entertainment programmes, but the passive life as a spectator takes a lot of lifetime from a person and often turns a person into an "actor", what must be stopped for future generations!